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Dr. Nina’s Notes

Dr Nina’s Notes


Have a Nice Day (8/3/2016) - One day last week I was driving to work – it was a beautiful summer morning. The sky was clear and blue with that special kind of ‘summer in New England’ warmth. I didn’t have the radio on because listening to the thoughts in my head seemed just as entertaining (for better or for worse) […]
Teacher Teach Me (5/4/2016) - I watched the movie, “Amy”, the other night. It’s a sad and poignant film about Amy Winehouse, a uniquely talented young woman who had a troubled life of addiction. The movie was important, as it showed Amy – on her catapult to celebrity – as a human being with foibles and weaknesses, and how destructive […]
The Best Kept Secret (5/3/2016) - I have been a chiropractor for over 20 years. In that time, I have had many new patients whose story is similar to this: She came in initially because of pain in the lower back. She had been suffering for some time and was fed up. She had been to the doctor and, after a brief appointment, […]
You Don’t Say! New Ideas Taking Hold (5/3/2016) - Recently, my friend’s dad (a physician) was having lunch with two pediatric specialists in his hospital. One of the pediatricians was discussing how children are developing secondary sex characteristics much earlier than ever before. The other pediatrician said she thought it had to do with all the hormones in our food supply, especially the meat […]
A Moving Story (somewhat explicit) (4/20/2016) - Recently, at a Bat Mitzvah, I had a conversation with a lovely gastroenterologist. She informed me that it is best to move your bowels in this way: just do it. There should be no reading material on the back of the toilet, no crossword puzzles or Sudoku, it is not the time to meditate or […]