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Limiting Screen Time & Getting Back Outdoors

According to a recent study, most young children spend more than 3 hours a day using some sort of media.  And 70% of adolescents spend at least 1 hour per day watching television.  Countless research studies have shown that children’s brains are very sensitive to...


I’ve done many cleanses over the years. I am always trying new things out so I can know what to recommend to my patients. I’m thrilled to say I have finally found a simple, sensible, smart, and extremely healthy program. The Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse uses no...

Have a Nice Day

One day last week I was driving to work – it was a beautiful summer morning. The sky was clear and blue with that special kind of ‘summer in New England’ warmth. I didn’t have the radio on because listening to the thoughts in my head seemed just as entertaining...