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I originally came to Dr. Nina because I was experiencing unexpected, debilitating pain back in April 2015. I walked into her office barely able to stand up straight or climb stairs and I left her office fully upright and on my way to complete pain relief.

I was pain free four days later after my second treatment. Since that time, I have come to appreciate the benefits of weekly visits to maintain alignment. The care goes well beyond pain management. I actually feel such a sense of flow in my body after an adjustment that I tickle inside in a way that only happens when I am thoroughly relaxed. In a world that is so busy and fast-paced, this treatment keeps me centered physically as well as emotionally. My daughter, who dances 6 days a week, now sees Dr. Nina as well and has noticed that the treatments help keep her anxiety in check as well as keeping her body in balance.

Dr. Nina is the real deal and her friendly, supportive office team help make every visit a pleasure

I originally came to Dr. Nina because my son was having back pain due to flat feet.Not only did he stop having pain but he is becoming a great athlete. Now the entire family sees Dr. Nina as often as we can.

My experience in this office has been WONDERFUL! Dr. Nina and her staff are very nice and welcoming.

A friend recommended Dr. Nina. Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed more fluidity in my movement, more ability to relax and breathe deeply. I sleep better. I have less tension in my body, and have a greater sense of well being.I always look forward to my time at Englander Chiropractic. What a wonderful group of people to get to see when I come in. Dr. Nina is a joyful person in my life and an excellent chiropractor.

I was experiencing sharp, burning pain in my shoulder and was suffering from regular “stiff” neck episodes. After one year at a different chiropractic office, with very temporary relief and no real resolution or understanding of the source of the issue, I was ready to meet Dr. Nina. I had heard only glowing reviews and amazing results about her.After a very short time, I noticed a huge relief from the pain I was experiencing. The thorough new patient first visit and spine scan pinpointed exactly the root of all my pain. Thanks to regular visits and Dr. Nina’s in-depth knowledge, experience, and magic touch, I am a new person. I have referred so many friends since then and they have all experienced the same results.

Kim and Julie, at the front desk, are the best at coordinating appointments, and understanding busy schedules of working moms. They are always there with a smile and the most soothing and friendly attitude.

A good and trusted friend of mine highly recommended Dr. Nina. BEST recommendation I’ve ever had! I started coming myself, and now my entire family has had the pleasure to meet and be cared for by Dr. Nina… she has a gift that is truly a blessing.Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed many positive changes. Dr. Nina goes beyond regular chiropractic care. Her mind and body approach, as well as her caring nature are so helpful in healing both physical pain as well as emotional. I feel really lucky to have found her. I have felt more at peace and my neck and shoulder pain has improved tremendously!

My experience in this office has been Exceptional! Dr. Nina’s staff ROCKS! They are all so caring, helpful and friendly. I get a hug every time I go in by Kim… just because she senses I could use one!

For over 20 years I have experienced intermittent lower back pain from disc degeneration. Normally I re-injure my back every other month, which means I am immobile for a couple of days and stiff for a few days thereafter. With a young daughter and active lifestyle, this is not something I want to experience any longer. I have been coming for treatment at Englander Chiropractic since the fall of 2014, winding down to a regular visit once per week. I am lifting heavier and running faster and longer than I have in years … without incident.
Thank you, Dr. Nina!
I originally came to Dr. Nina because I had persistent low and mid-back pain and occasional back spasms. Since starting chiropractic care I no longer experience spasms – and my pain has been reduced a lot! And, my posture has improved. My experience in this office has been fabulous!
I had been needing asthma medicine every night for almost 6 months – after Nina adjusted my back once I had my first clear night in months. Without the meds I slept so well, felt refreshed when I woke up. It was 3 weeks before I had any trouble breathing again.

Nina is an excellent chiropractor and I would recommend Englander Chiropractic to anyone who is looking for a caring, trustworthy and talented chiropractor. Nina also offers sound advice on well-being stress relief and overall good health! The team that supports the center are very friendly and my kids love visiting Nina and playing with the toys!

Last February I got rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and could no longer walk upright, sit or stand without excruciating back and neck pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but the Improvement I experienced after the adjustments was short of miraculous. The terrible pain lessened pretty quickly and normal range of movement was restored soon afterwards. I might not have believed the result if I did not live through it myself. I highly recommend Dr. Nina and Englander Chiropractic Center, they will make you feel better.

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Nina is AH – MAZINGG!! Her office is welcoming and the front staff is extremely friendly. Great location that is easy to get to from the high way or Mass Ave. Lots of parking. And can be covered by insurance, depending on what you have.Then of course there is Nina. When I tell you this woman is incredible, it is honestly an understatement. I was very hesitent to go to a chiropractor after a snowboarding injury, but with the recommendation of a friend i begrudgingly decided to make the call. Well. it turned out to be one of the best phone calls I have ever made for the health of my body. Not only did she fix the problem i had right away, she also was able to tell all of the other pains i got from the snowboarding trip and work on those too. I went from not being able to get in the car, do squats, or even jumping jacks, to doing daily tasks with ease and significantly better workouts, with lots of squats and jumping jacks (my swims even have gone from 10 laps to 20 laps!). Oh and did I mention this has all happened in a week?!?!?!

Nina has made me a chiropractic fan for life and I dont know what I ever did before. If you are even slightly considering seeking help for any sorts of aches or pains Nina is the person you want to see,

Thank god for Dr. Nina and her wonderful approach to care and healing for people of all ages. She doesn’t just crack your back and send you on your way. She works with you on understanding where your pain or discomfort is truly coming from and then develops a truly holistic plan to alleviate your symptoms. She is also kind, compassionate, and has a great sense of humor. Her office has a wonderful vibe and is extremely kid friendly. She has seen every member of my family, including my kids. I couldn’t recommend Her more highly!
Nina is Amazing! She got me through a twin pregnancy with no pain/complications. She has been adjusting my twins since they were 2 days old, and kept my son from having to wear a brace for his hips. Now, at age 7 they LOVE coming to her! She has taught us all to be aware of what our bodies need to maintain our own health. My kids will now come and tell me, “My ____ feels funny. I need to go see Dr. Nina!” They know that her adjustments help to keep them feeling strong.
Nina is incredibly intuitive and compassionate. She looks at the whole person and works with them so they empower themselves around their own health. Coming to see her gives me a moment to breathe and focus on taking care of me, something that often gets lost in the daily shuffle.
I am grateful to have her caring for my whole family!
I like Nina’s friendly and knowledgeable approach. On my second visit I needed to bring my two year old son and she was totally cool about it. He was welcome and it was comforting to not have to scramble for child care.
Nina is brilliant, compassionate and thorough. Every time I leave her office I feel amazing and new and I can’t help but notice all the patients I pass in the waiting room have the same experience. I am so glad I was referred to her by a friend and enjoy referring more patients. Nina will impact your life positively.
The best kept secret…so not sure why I am going to share it with everyone!
Nina is incredible. Her holistic approach to chiropractic care keeps me coming back for more. I started off seeing her for some neck pain as well as Migranes and from the moment I met her and she started to work on me, I knew I was in great hands. Any chiropractor can adjust and crack you but Nina really works with you to understand your pain and ways to alleviate it. And on top of her helping her patients she helps those in need. Throughout the year, Nina holds food drives, coat drives etc. I feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful community.
Her receptionist Gita is a doll and always a pleasure to work with!
She also works on infants in children! I wish my mother took me to see Nina as a child.

I’ve tried all kinds of things for 30 years. I’ve just started getting adjusted by Dr. Nina, and for the first time, good changes are happening. Today I feel really happy. I haven’t for many years. On the path to my son’s elementary school I began a game of kick the stone. We laughed and had a great time. My son is 10 1/2 and this is the first time I have been able, physically and emotionally, to play like this. It was wonderful for both of us.

L (a 9-year old) is doing fabulously after her first adjustment. This is the first night in TWO MONTHS with no coughing. A while after she fell asleep, I suddenly realized, ‘Oh, my goodness, NO COUGHING!’ She’s probably having the best sleep of her life, certainly in the last 8 weeks.

When I first arrived at the Englander Chiropractic Center, I was quite skeptical about receiving any type of care from a chiropractic doctor. However, the severe sciatica pain I had radiating down my leg was becoming intolerable, so I made an appointment, and tried to keep an open mind. Surprisingly enough, after just one adjustment, the sciatica pain was gone, and I felt immediate pain relief! I left the office feeling good for the first time in months.

In subsequent visits, I received a treatment plan tailored specifically for my needs and concerns, and have greatly benefitted from this information. It’s amazing how my overall health has improved following my initial visit. My experience at Englander Chiropractic has been very positive and I have received excellent care from Dr. Englander.

My one year old son had tubes put in his ears in January ’10 and we still were struggling with inner ear infections and excessive drainage. Nina was recommended to us by a friend and I was hesitant to see how a chiropractor would hep. I felt that it was worth a try and couldn’t hurt since we had already exhausted our western medicine options. We came twice a week for two months and went back to our ENT. Our ENT had already said we were going to have to take the tubes out because they weren’t working. When we went back after persistent treatment with Nina, our ENT remarked that my son’s progress was miraculous. He explained that he hadn’t expected the ears to have improved the way they did. So we left the tubes in because now they are working. I know that the miracle was chiropractic care. Nina works great with children and I would (and have) recommend her to anyone else in this situation. Thank you Dr. Nina!

After you adjusted [my son] and cleared the path for his ears to drain, he said “Mama, I can hear my quiet voice now!” with a huge smile on his face. It makes me so happy that he can articulate to me that his ears feel better (in such a cute way). I wanted to share that with you. Also, knowing that his energy is flowing in a positive way also increases the quality of my life… Just knowing that your chiropractic treatments are helping him so much without us having to flood his little body with medications makes me so happy and truly thankful!

Dr. Nina saved my neck! No really. I had bone spurs and a herniated disc in my neck when I came crying to Nina. I was in such pain I never thought I would run, bike, or swim again, let alone go on long backpacking trips. The only way I could get a little relief was to keep one hand above my head. I looked like I was perpetually ready to answer any question. Through joint care with Nina and a physical therapist, I am doing all those things and rock climbing as well. My last backpacking trip was in the Indian Himalayas. Though my acute problem was resolved, I continue to get weekly adjustments for alignment from Nina. Through one activity or another, various parts of my body feel a little out of whack. Nina listens to me (and my body) and keeps me fine-tuned so I can be as active as I choose to be. However, a side benefit I have noticed is that I have had less colds and illnesses due to Nina’s care. I am a first/second grade teacher, so know my immune system is always being challenged.

Dr. Nina has convinced me that chiropractic care is the way to go: from discovering my severe Vitamin B12 deficiency on my second appointment ever with her (which my regular physician never figured out!), to pointing out that my daily ingestion of dairy products and eggs might not be so great for my body, to helping my arthritic lower back gain flexibility, she has given me a new outlook on life! I feel like a transformed woman: full of energy, sleeping and digesting well – my body feels like a well-oiled machine!

I like coming to Dr. Nina because I can tell she is not just a doctor; she is also a mommy!
In subsequent visits, I received a treatment plan tailored specifically for my needs and concerns, and have greatly benefitted from this information. It’s amazing how my overall health has improved following my initial visit. My experience at Englander Chiropractic has been very positive and I have received excellent care from Dr. Englander.