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According to a recent study, most young children spend more than 3 hours a day using some sort of media.  And 70% of adolescents spend at least 1 hour per day watching television.  Countless research studies have shown that children’s brains are very sensitive to electronic use which makes it alarming that almost half of families have no rules on access or content.  Problems that can arise from overuse include: a shortened attention span, trouble in school, sleep deprivation, behavioral issues, lack of empathy for others, and obesity.

On top of this, the more screen time our kids have, the less time they have to be outside and play. Long gone are the days when we would send our children out to play on the street with the other neighborhood kids. PLAY is not only important for us physically but also socially and it is essential that we encourage our kids to be active and to use their imaginations.

Here are some quick tips on reducing screen time:

1.       Set a good example—be aware of your own electronic and reduce accordingly

2.       Come up with a limit together,  set a timer, and stick to it

3.       Have screen-free bedrooms

4.       Eat family meals together with no TV distractions

Encourage your children to play outside—better yet, join them outside to play!