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Chiropractic Services

At Englander Chiropractic Center we use several gentle and specific techniques that make our office an ideal place for children as well as adults. We use muscle testing as a way to assess nervous system health, which many people, especially children, find fascinating and fun! Even teens have been known to crack a smile in our office.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Nina has been practicing for over 26 years. Our chiropractors utilize many different chiropractic techniques and have their own unique style.

Koren Specific Technique

Dr. Nina is one of select group of chiropractors in Massachusetts that offer Koren Specific Technique, or KST. KST is a gentle technique that tailors adjustments to fit each person’s individual needs (instead of adjusting everyone the same way every time, like many chiropractors do.) KST helps patients get better faster and their adjustments hold longer, even though the technique is much gentler than typical manual adjusting. Using an electronic adjusting instrument, gentle vibrations are applied to the spine and other joints to make instantaneous changes to the body. These adjustments are extremely safe and effective for people of all ages.

Webster Technique for Pregnancy

Our doctors are certified in the Webster Technique, a special adjusting method for pregnant women. The Webster Technique reduces constraint in the mother’s uterus and allows the baby to get into the best possible position for birth.

Pediatric Care

pediatric-chiropractic-careOur doctors utilize a number of techniques that are specifically recommended for working with infants and children. Pediatric chiropractic techniques are safe and gentle and often achieve outstanding results. Regular chiropractic care for children helps their little bodies and young immune systems work at their best. It also ensures that THE child’s spine and neural system develop properly saving her/him from having health issues as an adult.

Manual Adjustments

Our doctors are also skilled in traditional manual adjustments, which gives them the versatility to manage many different types of patients with their many individual needs. They are trained to know when a manual adjustment is needed and when more could be accomplished with gentler methods.

Nina is Amazing! She got me through a twin pregnancy with no pain/complications. She has been adjusting my twins since they were 2 days old, and kept my son from having to wear a brace for his hips. Now, at age 7 they LOVE coming to her! She has taught us all to be aware of what our bodies need to maintain our own health. My kids will now come and tell me, “My ____ feels funny. I need to go see Dr. Nina!” They know that her adjustments help to keep them feeling strong.