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Recently, my friend’s dad (a physician) was having lunch with two pediatric specialists in his hospital. One of the pediatricians was discussing how children are developing secondary sex characteristics much earlier than ever before. The other pediatrician said she thought it had to do with all the hormones in our food supply, especially the meat and milk. She had recently seen a little boy who’s parents thought he was developing breasts. She suggested they switch to buying only organic food. Once the child was no longer eating hormonally injected animal products and pesticides, the breasts receded. My friend’s father called her right after this conversation to pass on the information; in his mind the latest in medical news. She said, “Thanks, Dad, but I’ve been buying organic food for a decade waiting for everyone else to catch up!”

Like my friend, I’ve been buying organic food and non-hormone meat, milk and eggs for many years. It’s always made sense to me that my children should not be eating someone else’s hormones or toxic chemicals.

It has also made sense to me to not eat foods that contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans-fats). These fats are responsible for all kinds of health problems! I have been a stickler for that one since the 1980’s and, believe me, people have made fun of me for it! I have also had to put up with much whining, as I do not allow foods containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (PHO) into my house. The list of these foods is vast and historically included “Goldfish”, a snack very popular with the little ones. Thankfully, the public started listening to people like me and, in late 2006, Nabisco began making non-PHO snacks (yippee! Including Goldfish!!!) The next year, New York City declared it illegal to use PHOs in restaurants. Well, what do you know? I wasn’t crazy after all.

It isn’t easy to have ideas that go against public perception. It’s never crowded on the leading edge!

I know that chiropractic adjustments remove subluxations, which can have devastating effects on your health. I know that a clear nerve system is the key to a healthy body and mind. I have seen it over and over again in my practice; when you choose to add chiropractic to your life, you are choosing to take responsibility for your health and you are rewarded with a healthier body, a happier, calmer mind and a stronger sense of who you are.

I know that when you get adjusted regularly, pay attention to your lifestyle choices and focus on your well-being (instead of pain and problems), your life takes on a new balance and a new vibrance. Chiropractors have known this for over 100 years!

Maybe if my friend had told her father about organic food 10 years earlier, he would have been eating healthier and suggesting organics to his patients, who would have been eating healthier. Who can you tell about the healthy choices you make? Who can you tell about the miracle of a chiropractic adjustment?